Accommodation and Transportation



The accommodation at Innovative International College is able to cater our hundred students of us. Apartments are comfortable with well-appointed facilities for each apartment. Bedrooms are double room each apartment can house for 6-8 students. The ambiance in the student apartment helps build camaraderie and encourage friendship among students of diverse racial and religious backgrounds. Good quality off-campus accommodation at reasonable rates is also available.

Additional Furniture & Fittings

In general, all the apartment units include the following facilities:

  1. Room inventory: double bed, mattress, wardrobe, notice board, a ceiling fan and lamp.
  2. Kitchen inventory: kitchen cabinet, dining table & chair
  3. The warden or fellow of the student units makes sure that, among other things, any damages will be repaired instantly.
  4. Hall area: study table & chairs, study lamp and Internet/computer port.
  5. 24 hours security.
  6. Free access WiFi on certain area


  • College bus with minimum fees of ticket
  • Public Transportation such as KTM and Bus