Diploma in Hotel Management

RM 17,000.00

190 students enrolled

In today’s fast paced world, the hotel industry is a major blooming industry. The Diploma in Hotel Management program at Innovative International College will prepare students with the skills they need for a successful career in this industry. Students will enjoy an unrivalled real life learning environment with Innovative’s exclusive collaboration with Pearl International Hotel. Students will be given the opportunity to combine management skills with practical knowledge such as front office and restaurant operations, housekeeping and food & beverage services in order to fast track their careers in the hotel industry.

Why Choose Innovative International College Diploma In Hotel Management ?

  1. Guidance and smooth transition from school life to undergraduate studies with modern teaching facilities with contemporary teaching aids
  2. “Small-Group” – Teacher–Lecturer ratio pave way of closer attention to students – lecturer’s interaction.
  3. Experienced Industrial Facilitators and lectures – impart practical knowledge and skills relating to the `real –life` practical Industrial knowledge and skill.
  4. International students and foreign lectures giving an International Institutional Experiences.
  5. Free Counselling  and guidance.
  6. Long life learning experiences.
  7. Industrial visitation and real –life working experiences.

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of the programme, graduates would be able to:-

  1. Demonstrate wider understanding of and proficiency in the hotel industry area.
  2. Apply practical knowledge and demonstrate specific competence in aspects related to hotel industry.
  3. Demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills, in various forms.
  4. Develop and apply personal professional skills to enhance leadership and management skills for the hotel industry.
  5. Develop knowledge to apply an effective approach to diversity issues related to hotel industry.
  6. Develop an awareness of the various career opportunities and options within the industry.

List of Courses Offered :

Year 1 : English Proficiency, Introduction to Information Technology, Principle of Management, Fundamentals of Food, Introduction of Hospitality Industry, Bahasa Malaysia A/B, English for Communication, Food Hygiene and Sanitation, Restaurant Operation, Housekeeping Management, Food and Beverage Service, Islamic Studies / Moral Studies, Basic Cookery, Business Communication in Hospitality Industry, Malaysian Studies.

Year 2 : Public Relation, Food and Beverage Cost Control, Front Office Management, Advance Restaurant Operation, Principle of Marketing, Hospitality Marketing, Menu Planning and Merchandising, Principle of Accounting, Principles of Economic, Human Resource Management, Hospitality Accounting, Legal Aspects in Hospitality Industry.

Year 3 : Industrial Training 

Career Opportunities:

The skills learned at School of Hotel Management are applicable not just in hotel management, but to an entire industry of hospitality and tourism-related businesses.

A career in the hospitality industry includes opportunities in many different areas such as:

  • Hotel Industry
  • Airline Industry
  • Retail Sector
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hotel Front Office
  • Event Management Executive
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Public Relations
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Cruise Lines
  • Resorts

The hospitality industry continues to grow; the World Travel Organization predicts that it will triple in size by the year 2020, becoming one of the largest industries in the world. This growth will provide many employment opportunities for people with the right qualifications, and School of Hotel Management, provides exactly the type of education and skills that the future hospitality managers require to succeed.

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