Diploma In Information and Communication Technology

RM 17,000.00

82 students enrolled

The Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (DICT) is a pre-degree qualification in IT, which enriches students with the skills required to face the increasing demands from the industries. DICT Programme covers a broad range of areas in Information and Communication Technology and the course curriculum includes both practical and theoretical aspects of IT knowledge. Students will have the potential of problem solving skills and logical reasoning as well as intensive fieldtrips to be exposed them to the real world in IT.

Why choose Innovative International College Diploma in Information and Communication Technology?

  1. Updated Curriculum : Our updated curriculum is suitable to meet the industry demands and helps students to acquire technical and hands-on skill during their study with us.
  2. Hands-on skills : Students have the opportunity to gain more knowledge, participate in practical training and instill hands-on skills with the latest tools. Having this, they will be more competent in IT industry.
  3. Small Group : Small number of students in the class, which ensures attentive care for individual students.
  4. Industrial Attachment : Innovative students are exposed to the relevant industry through direct interaction with guest speakers of several IT industries. They are often invited to deliver speech on the current trends or demands of the industry.
  5. Event Participation : Innovative students participate in intra and inter-college programmes or IT event competitions. This will enables students to find leads career opportunities in prominent national and multinational IT companies.

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of the Programme, graduates will be able to-

  1. Grasp the principle and theories underlying applied Information Technology.
  2. Gain an understanding of the technical and regulatory issues surrounding the internet.
  3. Apply IT best practices to boost productivity and establish competitive advantages.
  4. Display an awareness of developments in the convergence of computer and telecommunications technologies.
  5. Demonstrate basic knowledge in the areas of Information and Communications Technology which is expected in pursuing a relevant degree programme.
  6. Demonstrate ability to work independently and interdependently as well as function in groups to gain effective outcomes.
  7. Demonstrate competency and confidence in using ICT skills to pursue further knowledge.

List of Courses Offered :

Year 1 : English for Business Communication, Basic Computer Concepts, Fundamental of Mathematics, Introduction to Business, Programming Fundamentals, Introduction to Multimedia, Introduction to Database, Discreet Mathematics, Principles of Management, Information System/, PC Maintenance & Bahasa Kebangsaan A/B

Year 2  : Quantitative Methods, Problem Solving and Programming, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, System Analysis & Design, Object Oriented Programming, Data Communication & Computer Networks, Multimedia & Tools, Innovation and Creativity, Software Design and Development, Islamic Studies, Moral Studies & Malaysian Studies

Year 3 : E-Commerce, Networking for Business Systems, Internet Programming, Final Project 

Job Opportunities :

  • Computer System Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • Computer System Officer
  • Information Technology Support Officer
  • Operation System Analyst
  • System Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Web Designer/Administrator
  • Project Manager
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