Diploma in Islamic Banking

RM 17,000.00

66 students enrolled

Over the years, Islamic Banking has been the preferred banking choice both locally and internationally in view of its core values in activities that cultivate entrepreneurship, trade and commerce where societal development or benefits are encouraged as complied to the Shari’ah Law. This has spurred the Malaysian Government’s effort in positioning Malaysia as an International Islamic Financial hub which in return has seen a double-digit growth of Islamic based assets and liabilities of the banking sector over the years.

Diploma in Islamic Banking offered by Innovative International College is a comprehensive programme that is designed to expose students to the fundamentals and methodology of Islamic Banking and its core value as well as soft skills components that will prepare students to be Industry ready in order to meet the demands in the Islamic Banking Industry.

Why Choose Innovative International College Diploma in Islamic Banking programme?

  1. Guidance and smooth transition from school life to undergraduate studies with modern teaching facilities and teaching aids.
  2. “Small-Group” – lecturer – student ratio, to pave way for closer attention to students and better student-lecturer interaction.
  3. Experienced and passionate lecturers with Industrial experience who are able to impart practical knowledge and skills relating to the `real –life` working environment and skill.
  4. Industrial visits for real life experience and frequent internal & external activities in order to help students build stronger interpersonal characteristics & confidence.
  5. Commitment to providing excellent holistic environment that promotes lifelong learning.

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of the programme, graduates would be able to:-

  1. Understand the essential knowledge and methodology of banking studies.
  2. Enquire the essential knowledge and competencies in banking.
  3. Understand  the fundamentals of Islamic banking.
  4. Discuss issues surrounding the policies, laws and standards in banking and finance.
  5. Apply the instruments and techniques used in the Islamic banking.
  6. Critically reflect on practices in banking in light of Islamic philosophy and approach to banking and finance.

List of Courses Offered :

Year 1 : Business English I, Principles of Marketing, Basic Computer Concepts, Islamic Management, Bahasa Malaysia A/B, Business English II, Business Mathematics, Arab Language, Introduction to Accounting. Moral Studies/Islamic Studies, English Communication, Management Information System, Usul-Figh.

Year 2 : Islamic Banking Operation, Islamic Economics, Fundamental of Takaful, Fiqh Muamalat, Malaysin Studies, Organizational Behavior, Islamic Business Law & Ethics, Credit Management, Banking Operations & Documentations, Islamic Financial Management, Investment Management, Islamic Accounting, Islamic Financial System.

Year 3 : Islamic Entrepreneurship, Contracts in Islamic Banking & Finance, Business Statistic, Research Project. 

Career Opportunities:

  1. Bank Officer
  2. Finance Officer
  3. Investment Officer
  4. Takaful, Insurance Officer
  5. Shariah Compliance Officer
  6. Administrative Officer
  7. Collection Officer
  8. Fraud Detection Analyst
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