Diploma in Tourism Management

RM 17,000.00

84 students enrolled

Diploma in Tourism Management Programme (DTM) in Innovative International College’s is designed to prepare students for the future of the tourism industry. The programme will provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to work in the tourism industry, travel sector, airlines and transportation, leisure and recreation, as well as events. Tourism industry, to develop travel related skills such as geographical skills, marketing skills, and negotiation skills.

Why Choose Innovative International College Diploma In Tourism Management ?

  1. We design our programme to prepare students for the future of tourism industry.
  2. We instill a good balance on practical and theoretical learning\\\’s.
  3. Our programme gives emphasis on tourism industry in Malaysia as well as in other countries in South East Asia, East Asia, South sia and Oceania
  4. We are concerned with the development of each individual student.

Learning Outcomes :

  1. Operate and manage tourism products and conduct tour operations.
  2. Apply the principle of entrepreneurship in the fields of tourism.
  3. Function effectively in the work environment through strong communication skills.
  4. Identify current issues and trends in tourism industry.
  5. Understand the plans and policies being implemented by government and organization for tourism industry.
  6. Identify and analyze tourist destinations, its culture and its history.
  7. Identify the socio-culture, economic and environmental impacts on tourism destinations.
  8. Apply the principles of tourism to adapt to the changing environment of tourism industry.
  9. Apply the acquired knowledge and skills to meet the needs and demands of tourism industry.
  10. Apply the concept of sustainability in tourism industry.
  11. Identify, analyze and introduce tourism projects into the industry.

List of Courses Offered :

Year 1 : Introduction to Tourism, Travel Geography, Malaysian Studies, English Language 1, Innovative and Creativity Computer Applications for Tourism, Principle of Accounting, Transportation Operations, Asian History, Culture and Heritage, Web Design for Tourism, English Language 2, Moral/Islamic Studies, Principle of Marketing, Principle of Economics, Principle of Environment, Bahasa Kebangsaan, Introduction to Event Management

Year 2 : Tourism in South-East Asia, Business Communication, World Civilization: Europe, Middle East and America, Tourism Field Studies, Tour Management & Operations, Industrial Training, International Study Tour sustainable Tourism Studies, Foreign Language 1 ( Introductory Russian 1, Introductory French 1, Introductory Arabic  1 , Introductory Korean 1, Introductory Japanese 1 )

Year 3 : Tourism Project, Principle of Human Resources Management, Tourism and Hospitality Law, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Global Tourism, Foreign Language 2 (Introductory Russian 2, Introductory French 2, Introductory Arabic 2, Introductory Korean 2, Introductory Japanese 2)

Job Opportunities :

  • Tour Consultant
  • Tour Manager
  • Tour Planner
  • Tour Guide
  • Ticketing Officer (Airline & Travel Agency)
  • Reservation Officer
  • Marketing Executive / Manager (Airline & Travel Agency)
  • Event Coordinator / Executive / Manager
  • Sales Coordinator / Executive / Manager
  • Operation Coordinator / Executive / Manager
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