In other industry for sure some areas of business consist only of a few differences. As for the hospitality industry, it is suitable for almost all companies that address customer satisfaction and focus on meeting leisure needs rather than basic needs. For example, the facilities maintenance and direct operation department are consisted in ​​a restaurant, hotel or any other servicing industry such (waiters, housekeepers, labourers, kitchen workers, bartenders, management, marketing and human resources, etc.). There are 4 major sectors in hospitality industry, which are food and beverage, travel and tourism, lodging and leisure.

1. Food and Beverage. The food and beverage industry were initially known as the catering industry and was the largest area of ​​the hospitality industry.  According to Statista, revenue of food and beverage industry in Malaysia is constantly increasing until year 2019. It consists of places that are mainly involved in the preparation of food, snacks and drinks, and these places can be eaten directly inside and outside the place. As the restaurant is one of important facilities in the hotel, it provides the service that can enhance the guests’ experience by providing quality food and first-class customer service.

2. Tourism. The tourism and tourism industry deals with services related to moving people from one place to another. For example, buses, taxis, planes, ships and trains are part of the equipment used in tourism industry. A leisurely trip means someone who spends money on accommodation, food and entertainment while on vacation, while a business trip refers to a person who spends money on accommodation and food while working. Some people also spend on entertainment during their business trips. The main function of tourism is to encourage people to travel. When people do the travel, whether for business or leisure, they will spend money on hospitality activities.

3. Lodging. Lodging refers to spend for the accommodation for one night or more. Luxury hotels, youth hostels, old hotels, campgrounds, motels and other businesses that provide accommodation for people to spend the night all belong to the lodging industry.

4. Recreation. Recreation is any activity that people perform for relaxation, leisure and entertainment. All companies that provide leisure, relaxation and entertainment, and restorative activities belong to the recreation industry. The entertainment business which provides programs such as movies or theatres, zoos and museums that attract tourists, and engaging in sports are all part of the recreation business.