Three Ways Physical Retailers Can Stay Winning in the Age of Retail Digitization

It is important for physical businesses to update their innovation strategies in light of this fast expanding technology. The variety of options available to consumers today is endless, and it’s fantastic to be able to compare products close to where they live. The internet age has been devastating to traditional retail, but is there any way to survive and thrive

Definitely, if the retail establishments are prepared to pick up the pieces and adapt.

  1. Maximize Customer Attendance Rate

The number one factor that differentiates physical retail stores from online retail stores is the opportunity to maximize customer attendance. Traditional retailers can immediately launch promotions in the form of posters that can attract customers to keep visiting their stores. The physical promotion method is more strategic in terms of product placement in the store. The point between visual engagement and product purchase for physical stores is faster. This increases potential customer attendance rates and profits.

  1. Direct Interaction with Customers

The self-service approach used by online retailing requires customers to search for product categories, product information and perform purchase transactions on their own. Whereas, traditional physical stores offer the benefit of human assistance throughout the customer’s purchase journey. The ability to get a sales assistant to help you identify your needs, your preferences, as well as to provide a satisfactory interaction give customers a better shopping experience. Over time, these factors also promote customer loyalty and increase the likelihood that customers will recommend your product to others.

  1. Opportunity to Feel the Product in Reality

Physical retail stores also provide greater confidence to consumers in terms of receiving products that match what they first saw before purchase. A common problem faced by users of online grocery stores is that the product does not have a resemblance to what is seen. Among them are the wrong size and colour of the product and also the receipt of a product that is completely different from the product ordered. Allowing customers to see, feel and try products in reality is a huge advantage for traditional retailers. 

The digital stores are driven by more than just convenience; they are also known for their variety and high level of customer care. Retailers will need to be more astute than ever when it comes to tactics for brick-and-mortar stores as more and more people become acclimated to purchasing online. There is little doubt that e-commerce is where most companies will be in the future, but establishments that are hoping to attract new customers should still work toward a more diversified client experience.