Career Placement

The Innovative Student Job Placement Services (ISJPS) offers many resources to help students in their search for a part-time job, Intern ship, or full-time position. ISJPS provides experienced staff and counselors to assist students to make informed decisions about career choices and maximize their employ-ability opportunities. ISJPS’s areas and services include:

Career Development Workshops & Talks

ISJPS works closely with the Counseling & Placement Unit (CPU) to organize Workshops & Talks throughout the semester to help students understand the career decision making and job search processes. Career development workshops are conducted by counselors who would guide students in the identification of skills, interests, values and how to make appropriate career decisions with confidence.

Career Counselling

Counselors assist students with various issues, including career exploration, career interests, career planning, values identification and job search process. Counselors would generally see clients on an individual basis with advance appointment. The appointments are usually taken on a first-come, first-served basis. However, you can also drop-in at the Counselling & Placement Unit to see any Counselor who is available.

We always respond to emails and phone calls we receive at the office.