KPT/JPS (N/02224/4/0001) (MQA/PA 16082) (12/27)

Diploma in Quran & Sunnah

Course ID
3 Years
Credit Hour
90 Credits

(N/02224/4/0001)(12/27)(MQA/PA 16082)

The Diploma in Al Quran & Al Sunnah aims to produce graduate who able to apply the basic principles of Al Quran and Al Sunnah in dealing with contemporary situation problems and issues. Also, to produce graduate who have knowledge in principles of information technology to help adapt to new technological advances in Al Quran and Al Sunnah field.

The programme prepares students to understand the main elements of knowledge in Al Quran and Al Sunnah and demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills in dealing with others in a team environment with awareness of social and ethical responsibilities alight with Al Quran and Al Sunnah.

The students will be able to apply relevant skills such as computer proficiency and data analysis to aid lifelong learning and career development in Al Quran and Al Sunnah field. Also, the student will be able to apply entrepreneurial skills related to personal and team effectiveness in the execution of tasks.


Innovative International College programmes are available across several intake dates throughout the year. We encourage students to apply a month before intake starts to ensure a smooth registration, on-boarding and orientation process before classes begins.

Entry requirements

  • SPM with at least credit in 3 subjects and pass Arabic or one of the subjects of Islamic studies;


  • Passed certificate (level 3 of Malaysian Qualifications Framework, MQF) in Islamic studies;


  • Passed the Malaysian Skills Certificate (SKM) level 3 in the appropriate subject to the approval of the senate / academic


  • Other qualifications equivalent to it by the Government of Malaysia

Course structure and modules

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on key skills in communication, human relations, and tourism operations and management.

1st Year

  • Arabic Language 1
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • English
  • Hifz Al Quran 1
  • Professional Ethics in Malaysia
  • Event Management
  • Community Services
  • Arabic Language 2
  • Principle of Marketing
  • Hifz Al Quran 2
  • Business Etiquette
  • Bahasa Kebangsaan A
  • Islamic Theology
  • Pengajian Dakwah 1

2nd Year

  • Tajwid
  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Basic Computer Concept
  • Islamic Entrepreneurship
  • Hifz Al Quran 3
  • Pengajian Dakwah 2
  • Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban
  • Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi
  • Ulum Al Quran 1
  • Ulum Al Hadith 1
  • Al Tafsir
  • Hifz Al Quran 4
  • Pemikiran dan Tamadun Islam
  • Mobile Application
  • E-Commerce

3rd Year

  • Ulum Al Quran 2
  • Ulum Al Hadith 2
  • Fiqh
  • Pengantar Akidah
  • Industrial Training

Career opportunities

career in the quran and sunnah industry includes opportunities in many different areas such as:


Arabic Teacher



Human Development