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All available diploma programme in our college.

Diploma in Hotel Management

In today’s fast paced world, the hotel industry is a major blooming industry. The Diploma in Hotel Management program at Innovative International College will prepare students with the skills they need for a successful career in this industry. Students will enjoy an unrivalled real life learning environment with Innovative’s exclusive collaboration with Pearl International Hotel. Students will be given the opportunity to combine management skills with practical knowledge such as front office and restaurant operations, housekeeping and food & beverage services in order to fast track their careers in the hotel industry.

Diploma in Tourism Management

Diploma in Tourism Management Programme (DTM) in Innovative International College’s is designed to prepare students for the future of the tourism industry. The programme will provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to work in the tourism industry, travel sector, airlines and transportation, leisure and recreation, as well as events. Tourism industry, to develop travel related skills such as geographical skills, marketing skills, and negotiation skills.

Diploma in Information & Communication Technology

The Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (DICT) is a pre-degree qualification in IT, which enriches students with the skills required to face the increasing demands from the industries. DICT Programme covers a broad range of areas in Information and Communication Technology and the course curriculum includes both practical and theoretical aspects of IT knowledge. Students will have the potential of problem solving skills and logical reasoning as well as intensive fieldtrips to be exposed them to the real world in IT.

Diploma in Business Administration

Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) programme is to educate, create and develop innovative business players, partners and professionals like executives, managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, industry leaders, researchers, business providers, etc. The curriculum is designed and structured with the right aids and knowledge to meet the contemporary business needs and the competitive business challenges.

Diploma in Islamic Banking

Over the years, Islamic Banking has been the preferred banking choice both locally and internationally in view of its core values in activities that cultivate entrepreneurship, trade and commerce where societal development or benefits are encouraged as complied to the Shari’ah Law. This has spurred the Malaysian Government’s effort in positioning Malaysia as an International Islamic Financial hub which in return has seen a double-digit growth of Islamic based assets and liabilities of the banking sector over the years.

Diploma in Islamic Banking offered by Innovative International College is a comprehensive programme that is designed to expose students to the fundamentals and methodology of Islamic Banking and its core value as well as soft skills components that will prepare students to be Industry ready in order to meet the demands in the Islamic Banking Industry.

Diploma in Law Enforcement

The goal of the Diploma in Law Enforcement programme is to provide the students with theoretical background, applied skills and specialized knowledge required to become a superior candidate in a recruiting process and to increase their chances of success at the entry level employment stage in a range of investigation and law enforcement occupations. Innovative International College collaborates with ELP International to offer the industry driven course for its students. Students are taught by a team of experienced and highly qualified lecturers who have a combined experience of more than 10- 30 years and hold many distinguished positions in various government entities and the private sectors.

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