Industrial Links

Innovative International College is directly working with Industry experts and arranging talks, seminar for the students to get them familiarized the current industry trends. Students are being exposed to the industry people and the current demands of industry.

Industrial placements are a successful means of giving third year students work experience while also providing useful input from both students and departmental staff into industrial problems.

Projects are usually devised by the sponsoring partner in consultation with a member of the academic staff, although students are also welcome to initiate a project. There is no formal process for constructing the collaboration, rather it will emerge by consensus. The student typically spends 8 to 10 weeks during short semester working with the industrial partner on the project. This summer placement is governed by direct contractual agreement between the industrial partner and the student, and content and deliverables can be confidential to the company.

At the end of that term, the student makes an oral presentation and submits a final report on the college phase of the project upon which he or she is assessed.