Innovative Wi-Fi


Innovative Wi-Fi is a high-speed wireless broadband for faculty, staff, students and guests to access Internet in campus. It is an encrypted network that uses the latest wireless technology based on 802.1x for authentication and authorization to provide a secure access. The new Innovative Wi-Fi is faster, better and available in main areas throughout the campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect to Wi-Fi

Internet access provided in campus can be connected by login in using your student ID and IC/Passport number.

Is there a limit to my Wi-Fi?

All Wi-Fi access are not limited for general use.

See our terms and conditions for Wi-Fi access on what’s been blocked and allowed here.

Can I come to campus to use the Wi-Fi?

Yes. Campus are open from Mon – Friday, 8.30am until 6.30pm. All Innovative student are allowed to come to campus to use the Wi-Fi.

How fast the internet speed?

All internet access are entitled to our fair usage policy. 

The speed provided are sufficient for most general browsing and download.

Additional speed can be purchased at our student centre with no speed cap.


Innovative Wi-Fi is available in all academic, administration, and residential buildings. It is also available in most common areas such as cafeterias, hallway etc.

Click here to test your network speed.

Connect to Innovative Wi-Fi

  • You are an active student in Innovative. (Guest network can be obtained from receptionist)
  • Your devices must support IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac and 802.1X/WPA2.
  • You must be in range of the Innovative Wi-Fi network to configure your device. 
  • Proceed to connect to Wi-Fi network.