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The Student Council is the democratically constituted government of the collegiate student body.  It is founded on the principle of student representation and service to society. The student council is one of a formal way the students can have a say in the college. The Student Council shall at all times protect and uphold the democratic rights and welfare of the students. Each subject area is represented. Elected student council representatives can also put forward new ideas for the benefit of student life such as college events and promote of social awareness involvement among the students.

Below is the organizational chart of Innovative International College Student Council session 2016/2017.

Student Council are also in charge of all the clubs in Innovative International College. Below are the list of clubs in our college.

  • Football club
  • Futsal club
  • Badminton club
  • Basketball club
  • Netball club
  • Volleyball club
  • Handball club
  • Track & Field club
  • Theatre club
  • Dance club
  • Brainwinster club
  • Entrepreneur club
  • Tourism club
  • Cultural club
  • Science club
  • IT club
  • Music club

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