• Campus Wi-Fi will start using a new system on 24rd February. Please use “IIC WIFI” connection to start browsing the web.
    Login using your username “student id” and password “ic/passport no”.
    Any issue please directly go to receptionist or contact us tru facebook page.


Student evaluation questionnaire form on staff and services for each department

1) Academic Division: https://forms.gle/Xtw9nURV2t4zyYJt7

2) Registry Division: https://forms.gle/MUxkx6g6oWUoNzqd8

3) Operation Division: https://forms.gle/ECMc9fcs67Qf1wgj8

4) Marketing Division: https://forms.gle/mdnuDRJ7DUs3TSDV8

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