Puan Shahawati Bt. Umar

Innovative International College

Choosing where to continue your education is a major decision.

I extend a warm welcome and appreciate your interest in Innovative International College – the college that really values its students.

I know how difficult it is for you to choose the right course and the best college that suits you.

This is one of the most important decisions you will make as your future career and life will be affected by your choice.

Most of us are in a position at various times in our life when we look at improving our skills and qualifications, either as a new student or a new employee and it is difficult to make the right choice to figure out what will be the best for us.

At Innovative, we want to give you the best that any college can offer and to help you in every way possible. With comprehensive advice on courses, excellent teaching and learning, and support provided by our qualified and committed staff, our students have access to the best resources and facilities.

We want your time here to be enjoyable. You will get enough opportunities to make new friends as there are many social activities for students throughout the year, and you will find the college to be a very safe and friendly place to study as we do not tolerate any form of discrimination or bullying.

My team and I are here for you, to help you succeed and to ensure that you enjoy your time at the college.

If you are considering to study at Innovative, you will probably or already know of our reputation and success. At Innovative, you can be assured that you will be in good hands and destined to succeed.

Of course, by far the greatest recommendation for you will be the views and experience of our previous and current students.

After reading this handbook, if you wish to talk to our current students, we will try and arrange for it.

We welcome your interest in our college and look forward to meeting you


Innovative International College (Innovative) was established in 1999 to provide quality and innovative education to students from various walks of life, both local and international.

Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Innovative programmes have been accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Innovative is set up to provide students with the opportunities to improve themselves academically, especially by creating various career pathways including study opportunities with other leading higher education institutions and universities.

Our high quality and challenging programmes not only keep pace with the global education but also equip the students with knowledge, skills and practical experiences to face the working world.


To evolve into a full-fledged university, recognized and respected in business and industry.


Innovative is committed to produce individuals who are multi-taskers and resilient with professional skills and knowledge to effectively function in business and industry.


Innovative stands by the belief that all individuals, of every color or creed or economic background, given the opportunity with proper guidance and education, can be molded into respectable individuals who will make a positive contribution to the well-being of the society.


Innovative encourages the highest standard of integrity and ethics in the process of creating a challenging work culture to deliver value to the students. Our employees at Innovative work together as a team to build a better future for our students.