2021 Student Council

Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Nur Adilah Syafiqah, President of Student Council . I’d like to welcome all of you to Innovative International College.

I would like to congratulate each of you. You are arriving here to be a transformative and life-changing new chapter in your life. I am sure we all want to achieve success and have an enjoyable students life.

The student council works side-by-side with the student body and the administration to ensure student events throughout the year are successful. As a president, I will ensure that you have a memorable year.

The most successful people you will ever meet are those who like what they do and share that passion with others. You have the opportunity to meet and be friend many successful people while you are here. They might be among your classmates. They might also be among our faculty and staff. We want you to be inspired, to find your passion. But we also want you to have friends who will be there for you for life.

To conclude, I would urge you to meet and greet everyone and make a cordial relationship with all. I would also like to ask you to be enthusiastic and participative in every event to come. Try to be extraordinary in every case to stand out and shine your way out. We all have very high expectations for all people and are quite positive that you are going to cross all the barriers to fulfill those expectations. With efforts and consistency, you can achieve anything you wish. At the end of this journey, you are going to have a treasure of memories. With those few words I hope it can give you a little motivation.

Thank you.

Meet the new student council for year 2021

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