Pretty Privilege in Business: Pisang Goreng Cheese Owner Goes Viral for His Cute Reply

If you could choose between the brain and beauty, which would you choose?

Some would argue that beauty will vanish as time goes on, but knowledge can’t be erased no matter how much time passes.

Now, while the brain does make life simpler and helps us face all kinds of challenges and problematic situations, we can’t deny that a pretty face can get us just as many, if not more, opportunities.

Here’s the proof:

A recent TikTok video of a young man selling goreng pisang (banana fritters) went viral on several social media sites because of his unprepared reply when a customer gave him a simple order.

Or perhaps he owed it to his good looks and innocent expression?

Abdul Adib Aidil compiles clips as he documents his daily endeavours as the owner of a street food vendor in the form of TikTok videos.

In the video that has garnered millions of views, he can be seen interacting with a customer as they purchase his banana cheese fritters. Unexpectedly, many people found his response to the customer’s request for ‘pisang goreng cheese biasa’ to be adorable and funny.

Adib clarified that he found the seemingly self-explanatory order confusing since his menu is custom-made and only available in small and medium sizes.

Nevertheless, his innocent “Biasa? Biasa, maksudnya?” (Regular? Regular, meaning?) has become a catchphrase and a meme trend among netizens, and the ladies in particular find it hard to shake.

Others raised the obvious question: Why did he get so much attention over a two-second, insignificant clip?

It didn’t take long for netizens to realise that it was all due to “pretty privilege”; especially when coupled with a soft-spoken and friendly attitude, it’s a no brainer how Adib was able to become TikTok’s poster boy overnight.

To top off his already endearing demeanour, Adib is also a certified pilot who decided to start his own small business as a backup plan for his uncertain aviation career.

Now, doesn’t that just add to his charm? I think the girls would agree.

The comely 24-year old attracted a large number of new followers within a week, and his banana fritters sales skyrocketed to the point that they were sold out every day in less than three hours.

Is it merely Adib’s 15 minutes of fame? Could be, though his customers did claim that his pisang goreng cheese was as sweet as his personality. But if there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that pretty privilege is real. In today’s media-driven society where selfies and visual posts are the norm, being physically appealing can undoubtedly give you an advantage.