KPT/JPS (N/812/6/0173) (MQA/PA 9266) (11/29)

Bachelor of Tourism Management (Hons) in Collaboration with Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

Course ID
4 Years
Credit Hour
135 Credits

(N/812/6/0173)(11/29)(MQA/PA 9266) 

Bachelor in Tourism Management Programme in Innovative International College’s is designed to prepare students for the future of the tourism industry.

This programme will provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to work in the tourism industry, travel sector, airlines and transportation, leisure and recreation, as well as events.

Tourism industry, to develop travel related skills such as geographical skills, marketing skills, and negotiation skills.

Collaboration programme under
University Utara Malaysia


Innovative International College programmes are available across several intake dates throughout the year. We encourage students to apply a month before intake starts to ensure a smooth registration, on-boarding and orientation process before classes begins.

Entry requirements


Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM)
  • Fulfil University General Rules and Special Programme requirements

Obtained a pass at SPM level for Modern Mathematics/Additional Mathematics/Principles of Accounting;


  • Obtained credits at SPM level in English Language;


  • Score BAND Three (3) in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET)

Notes: Pass with Credit (CGPA 2.00) at STPM in Bahasa Melayu can be accepted as a replacement for credit in Bahasa Melayu at SPM level.

  • Fulfil University General Rules and special programme requirements

Obtained a pass Matriculation/Foundation in all specialised subjects;


  • Obtained a pass at SPM level for Modern Mathematics/Additional Mathematics/Principles of Accounting;


  • Obtained credits in English at SPM level;


  • Score Band Three (3) in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET)
  • Diploma (Level 4, MQF) holders or other relevant certificates by Malaysian Government and the University Senate CGPA 2.50.

Course structure and modules

The programme meets the needs of the industry by incorporating disciplines like management, marketing, tourism, human resources and soft skills into the curriculum.

1st Year

  • Ethnic Relations
  • Malaysian Studies
  • Thinking Science and Ethics
  • Introduction to Tourism
  • Co-Curriculum
  • Islamic Civilization 1
  • English Proficiency 1
  • Introduction to Management
  • Information Systems in Organisation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Principles Economics
  • Co-Curriculum 2

2nd Year

  • English Proficiency 2
  • Elective Program 1 (Sport Tourism)
  • Concentration 1 (Introduction to Event)
  • Tourism Marketing
  • Sociology of Tourism
  • Recreation Management
  • Co-Curriculum 3
  • English Proficiency 3
  • Elective Program 2 (Environmental Management in Tourism)
  • Tourism Behaviour
  • Tourism Geography
  • Tourism Policy, Planning and Development
  • Co-Curriculum 4
  • Concentration 2 (Event Marketing) 

3rd Year

  • Hospitality English
  • Concentration 3 (Event Design and Production)
  • Elective Program 3 (Tourism Transportation)
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Hospitality and Tourism Law
  • Tour Operation Management
  • Tourism Research Project Paper
  • Elective Program 4 (MICE Management)
  • Concentration 4 (Event Administration and Coordination)
  • Human Resource Management in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Event Management

4th Year

  • Tourism Seminat
  • Concentration 5 (Sociological Aspect in Event Management)
  • Concentration 6 (Sport Tourism Event Management)
  • Free Elective (Interpersonal Skills)
  • Elective Program 5 (Service Marketing in Tourism)
  • Practicum

Career opportunities

The skills learned at School of Tourism Management are applicable not just in tourism management, but to an entire industry of hospitality and tourism-related businesses.

career in the tourism industry includes opportunities in many different areas such as:

Tour Consultant

Tour Manager

Tour Guide

Ticketing Officer (Airline & Travel Agency)

Reservation Officer

Marketing Executive / Manager (Airline & Travel Agency)

Event Coordinator / Executive / Manager

Sales Coordinator / Executive / Manager

Operation Coordinator / Executive / Manager